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Viking Sagas
Odin's Child The Ice Queen The Varangian
Odin's Child Ice Queen The Varangian

Roman Mysteries
Roman Games The Bull Slayer
Roman Games The Bull Slayer

Welcome. If you love history, mystery and adventure, and if the clash of cultures and religions interests you, you’re in the right place.

In my Roman mysteries, Pliny the Younger and his sidekicks, Martial and Suetonius, tackle crimes in which some alien cult always lies at the bottom of things.

In my Viking Age adventure novels, our hero, Odd Tangle-Hair, struggles to retain his father’s heathen beliefs in a changing world, as he makes his tumultuous way from Iceland to far-off Byzantium and home again.

Click here to see all of Anthony Macbain's illustrations for the Odd Tangle-Hair books plus additional artwork.