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The Ice Queen

Ice Queen

Book Two of Odd Tangle-Hair's Saga

This second volume of Odd Tangle-Hair's Saga takes up Odd's adventures as a skald (court poet) in the land of the Rus. Here he is drawn into a dangerous love affair with the passionate and cunning Princess Ingigerd of Novgorod, and is forced to break with his sworn lord, Harald the Ruthless. Along the way Odd devises a stratagem to defeat the wild Pechenegs, nomadic warriors of the Russian steppe, and goes off on a doomed mission to explore the distant reaches of the Black Sea. The novel concludes with Odd sailing into the harbor of Constantinople, bent on a secret mission, which will almost certainly cost him his life.

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Interview with Bruce Macbain, author of The Ice Queen


"Vivid and compelling...his understanding of Norse culture and history is woven deftly throughout the tale. The cast of characters is well-fleshed out and Odd makes for a wonderful protagonist...Highly recommended."
   —Justin M. Lindsay, Historical Novels Review

Blank Slate Press, paperback, November 2015, ISBN-13: 9781943075140